New Release | Origins Vol. 6: Muted Guitar & Harmonics

Origins Volume Six: Muted Guitar and Harmonics by Sonuscore - modern guitar arpeggios - Product Packshot | Requires Full Version of Native Instruments Kontakt

Sonuscore presents: Origins Vol. 6: Muted Guitar & Harmonics

For this very special Origins, Sonuscore collaborated with the famous composer Mats Lundgren (Just Cause 2, Mad Max [Videogame], Generation Zero) from Pole Position Production. Mats recorded the guitars and processed them with his extraordinary precision.

“I have used sampling of original instruments and other sound sources as a core method for my own compositional process for many years, so I was really happy to be invited to create an instrument for Sonuscore’s Origins. I decided that I wanted to combine the esoteric, dreamy quality of the guitar harmonics with the more direct sound of the muted guitar. The combination makes for both good and fresh sounding arpeggios and Origins Vol. 6 is already an often-used addition to my personal sound palette.”

– Mats Lundgren


Powered by Mats’ incredible experience in working with electronic sounds and merged by our successful MAD engine, we proudly present:




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