We are happy to present you some great reviews for ACTION STRINGS. BLOGCRITICS and SOUNDSANDGEAR ran extensive tests and highly recommend it. Why? Read on…



“I found that ACTION STRINGS is very easy to work with and there is a lot of flexibility and control over the sounds you get from the modules. The sound quality of the phrases is also excellent. They are clearly quality recordings and really bring the ability to create dramatic sounds. Through the use of the live orchestra, ACTION STRINGS brings a richness that cannot be matched. What they have created here is really a dynamic phrase instrument that makes it really easy to convert a concept into reality through string arrangement. If you are looking for an instrument that will make your life easier to create and record blockbuster style orchestration for movies, broadcast, games, or other creative audio endeavors, then I can very highly recommend ACTION STRINGS.”

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“I really like the actual sound of the recorded phrases, they really have a nice acoustic tone to them. The phrases themselves are very flexible and divers, from basic chords to more dense arrangements and runs, you can really come up with some unique and epic sounding tracks quite quickly. I also like the fact that they sound good at multiple tempos thanks to the built in time stretching in Kontakt 5, really allows you to work these into pretty much any type of production you need. The bottom line is this is a great sounding cinematic orchestral phrase library.

I give Action Strings 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s an instantly usable library that’s simple to use and yields great results. this library stands on it’s own in sound quality and phrase variety, as well as the instant usability.”

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