[REVIEW] EMOTIVE STRINGS on Musicradar.com

The folks at Musicradar.com tested our EMOTIVE STRINGS library and they think it’s sounding superb.

Here are some translated quotes for you:

“Even the least melodically-minded of producers will astound themselves with the authentic, deep and undeniably emotive string parts they’re suddenly making.”
“A direct counterpart to ACTION STRINGS, EMOTIVE STRINGS runs in the same interface but uses sampled legato phrases and arpeggios to deliver instantly usable dramatic and/or emotional string section parts, rather than the high-octane sounds of its predecessor.
Surprisingly easy to create deep, emotive string parts. Simple operation.
“An instrument built to give the media composer immediate results and sound superb doing it.

You can checkout the whole review here: http://www.musicradar.com/reviews/tech/native-instruments-emotive-strings-621329


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