[REVIEW] EMOTIVE STRINGS on Releasetime.de

German website Releasetime.de has published a really extensive(!!!) review of our latest release EMOTIVE STRINGS. Very detailed and perceptive. Definitely worth a read and a reason to learn German (or ask your German friends to translate it.

Here are some translated quotes for you:

“Compared to some competitors that are also offering runs, melodies, Ostinato, arpeggios or short phrases of a complete string orchestra in the form of audio loops, EMOTIVE STRINGS sounds more present, more differentiated and uses a vast fundus of musical motifs for all moods. The thoughtful practical operation, which allows for quick and respectable results without much knowledge of harmony is exemplary. The EMOTIVE STRINGS are professionally played, recorded and designed. The price is low.” 
“The audio quality is on a high level: The strings shine in the heights, appear transparent and detailed.”
“The naturalness and authenticity of the sound show that the phrases were played by a string orchestra – disciplined as well as soulful. It’s no concatenated individual sounds on a MIDI pattern basis, but true audio loops.” 
“The playing is easy and requires neither skill nor knowledge of harmonics. Compelling cinematic passages succeed in a very short time. However EMOTIVE STRINGS can also enrich pop and rock compositions besides film music.”

You can checkout the german article here: http://www.releasetime.de/test-native-instruments-emotive-strings/


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