[REVIEW] Evolution Atlantica on Epicomposer

Our Evolution Atlantica KONTAKT instrument has a great review on: Epicomposer:

We rejoice over at a great positive review. Here are some highlights:

““On top of the many excellent sounding trailer SFX, you’ll get both powerful hybrid orchestral low brass stabs as well as some raunchy electric bass and guitar patches. The selection of pre-designed synth sounds is great on its own, but the possibility to combine and stack them into your own custom patches really represents one of the library’s most interesting concepts.”

“The decision to multi-sample most of the sounds instead of stretching one sample over the entire key range is not only beneficial for the brass and guitar patches, it also increases the tonal quality of the synth patches massively.” – EPICOMPOSER


If you want to read the whole review click HERE and enjoy reading 🙂


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