Sonuscore Orchestra Raffle – Throwback

After our call for competition via email and facebook many of you sent us music of all kinds of genres, from Techno and EDM as well as Hollywood-style orchestra works and also more experimental classical compositions. The range of different music compositions was very huge and it was incredible to listen to all of them! Also the composers behind the tracks came from all over the world and it was a pleasure to get to know them! Thanks’ for making this such a success! We compiled roughly 40 compositions of the raffle for you to listen:

Although the decision was very hard to select the best track – we are happy to introduce to you the winner of our Raffle: Clelson Lopes from Brazil with his composition “Cosmos SpaceTime”. He won a coaching session with our lead composer Tilman who listened to his music and gave him a personal feedback. Clelson has the chance to record one minute of his track by a professional live orchestra in one of Dynamedion´s OPEN ORCHESTRA SESSIONS. Tilman gave him a hand to optimize the composition to reach the best outcome. Today he tells us some insight about his personal thoughts about the raffle and the first coaching session with Clelson:

“It was a lot of fun for me to see how many great and very different compositions have been submitted to us. I was really impressed about the entire quality of the compositions – there are some talents we might have to keep in mind ;). It was hard for me to pick out a winner, at least 10 of these tracks also had to deserve to win. In collaboration with our team I decided in favor of the composition that has touched me the most emotionally. Cosmos SpaceTime is a really unique and amazing composition and the winner of the raffle, Clelson Lopes is an incredible friendly person. A few days ago we had our first Coaching-Skype-Call and we talked about further details. He would like to expend his orchestration a bit and we spoke about the orchestra toning that could do his composition good. In my opinion the track doesn´t need much, it is already very complete. But some harp, percussions here and there could make the whole sound more colorful. I am really excited to listen to the final version!” – Tilman Sillescu

Tilman did his best to make this a lot of fun for our winner! We are also really looking forward to the final product! Stay tuned


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