Sonuscore Donation Sale – Composer community raises $10,463 for children in Ukraine

Continuing on our tradition of spring giving, we decided to again hold a Donation Sale in May 2022. This year, along with you, our most excellent customers, we managed to raise $10,463 for UNICEF and Save The Children to aid the children caught in Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.
In the past three years, we have been able to donate more than $43,000 so far with all our donation sales.  That is quite incredible and it couldn’t be done without you, our loyal composer community. Thank you so much!


Flash sale supporting UNICEF and Save The Children

The spring donation bundle is easily our best sale of the year. This year, we offered 4 beautiful VST software instruments (a combined value of $217 euros) for only $9.90, giving you the opportunity to stock up on your own virtual instrument libraries while doing something good. The bundle included a handpicked selection of matching instruments, perfect to score the spring and give more joy to the world in dark times like Lyrical Violin Phrases and HA•PI Concert Harp.


Statement from Creative Director

It’s been another difficult year on the European scene,” says Tilman Sillescu, our Founder and Creative Director. “With the ongoing war immediately to the East, many of us have been at a loss for what to do, especially as we see the steady flow of displaced persons. We decided to dedicate this year’s sale to help all those children directly affected by the ongoing conflict.

We would like to thank you, our valued customers, for taking part in the sale and helping contribute to these global efforts. We would also like to thank you for your continued support in our work. “It’s always incredible to see the outgoing support,” says Tilman. “Because of our generous customers, last year we were able to raise a great deal of funds for COVID relief, and now this year for those children in the conflict zone.


Children in the Ukraine War

According to Save The Children, 7.5 million children are suffering in some way from the ongoing crisis, and over half of all Ukrainian children have been displaced from their homes, “creating one of the fastest and largest refugee movements of children since WWII,” said UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell.

An essential part of Save The Children’s aid money goes to create safe shelters and play areas for displaced children in Poland and Romania, as well as sets of toys and handicrafts. Save The Children is also involved in distributing cash aid, food, and drinking water, wood, fuel, blankets, diapers, and hygiene kits for babies and women. Read more about their efforts here.

UNICEF has been working directly with 49 hospitals in 9 regions throughout Ukraine to aid in healthcare for mothers, children, and newborns. This includes the distribution of food, water, and hygiene products. With your donations, they are also able to increase the number of their on-the-ground mobile child protection teams. Read more about their efforts here.

Building Apartments

Raising money isn’t all that we’ve been doing to help. At our main office, we had plans to expand. We bought a neighboring old apartment building and thought of upgrading it into another studio and some offices. When the war came and the first displaced Ukrainians started coming in, we knew that we had to change course. 

We’d give the space to families displaced by the war. 

We were able to renovate this old five storey townhouse from 1875 and bring 3 apartments back to life, each with enough room to host a few people. We are not completely done, but we’ve already been able to move in two families.
To give them all they need for a warm welcome, our team collected everything they could find; from beds and bedsheets to cupboards and cutlery. Every little thing is helping, stay active and help where you can.



Enjoy this demo track by Tilman Sillescu “The Beauty Of Spring” and smell the fresh air and the peace of nature’s flourish.
Every instrument used in this track was included in our SPRING DONATION BUNDLE.



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