The Orchestra – Demo Track

We received a great demo track! Italian composer, orchestrator, arranger and sound designer Andrea Bellucci sent us this epic track that he created with the help of THE ORCHESTRA. He graduated with honors in Musicology and Cinematography and in Composition for Visual Media at Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Rome. Now he works all around the world with music libraries, trailer companies, sample library productions, major and indie productions both in movie and game industries.



THE ORCHESTRA is one of the fastest, truly insipiring and well-recorded libraries on the market. With its stunning features, you can go wherever you want with your track, starting from just one note on a hand and a simple triad on the other, and it handles the rest by itself…” – Andrea Bellucci


Enjoy listening to the track and check out the soundcloud link.



Thank you so much for taking the time and the fantastic track Andrea!

Please feel free to also send us your THE ORCHESTRA demo track to:


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