The Orchestra | Demo Walkthrough

Today we would like to show you our Demo-Walkthrough for one of the official “THE ORCHESTRA”-Demos. In this video we focus on how the single- and keyswitch-instruments are used to create a complex and colorful orchestration, without the use of the ensemble engine.

„THE ORCHESTRA“ was created to provide a complete intuitive workflow for composing orchestral music. With the Ensemble-Instrument you can qickly sketch out an arrangement and get inspired by the animated presets. The single instruments on the other hand allow you to go into as much detail as needed to create sophisticated orchestral compositions with „THE ORCHESTRA“.

This video focuses on the intuitive workflow with the Multi-Keyswitch-Function in our single instruments, by the example of the demo piece „Stealing the Medallion“ by Steffen Brinkmann.

To discover the arrangement yourself, you can download the full MIDI-file here.

Click here to download the MIDI-file


We hope you enjoy watching our demo-walkthrough for „THE ORCHESTRA“.

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